Our Vision

Power Retailers to Inspire, Engage & Empower

Power Retailers to
Inspire, Engage & Empower

ZūmCart is a SaaS platform boosting retailer’s in-store sales with a self-service mobile app for quick scan and check out along with AI powered shopper recommendations and promotions. Our solution offers retailers opportunity to meet growing buyer expectations with digital check outs, queue free shopping, e-receipts, electronic order history, shopping lists and AI shopping helper for new products discovery.

With our innovative app, retailers can increase basket size, converts buyers to loyal customers and compete head on with the “Amazon Go” like experiences without a major store infrastructure investment.

Our Mission

To help retailers boost in-store sales and increase customer loyalty offering rich, innovative and disruptive mobile cum digital solutions.

​ We help them to stay competitive and meet growing customer demands in store with creative and leading edge solutions.

Our Team

We are a team of retail industry experts with nearly two decades of experience working at notable retailers and Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, Macys and IBM.

​ Our vast expertise in enterprise retail business helps us deliver value driven solutions to retailers. We are global with offices in San Francisco, California and Pune, India.

Our Solution

Our solution is an easy to use mobile app on a SaaS platform. Our app is cloud friendly, fast, safe and secure -- designed to remove shopping barriers and engage customers with AI powered shopper offers.

​ Our solution is flexible and easy to integrate with an average on-boarding time of two. Our deployment model accommodates both cloud and on-premise to fit individual retailer needs.

Founding Team

Yilmaz Oztanir

Co-Founder & Board
Member ​

Phone: 415-420-7609
Email: [email protected]

Jaya Gali

Co-Founder & CTO
Phone: 415-271-4390
Email: [email protected]

Yilmaz Oztanir

Co-Founder and Business Leader
Phone: 650-284-8797
email: [email protected]