Track, Monitor and Manage Store Transactions.

Our Zūm Associate App helps with operations management for all ZūmCart transactions.

Store Manager

Can access all store reports including financial and performance reports.

Store Customer Service

Able to review orders and perform returns and exchanges.

Store Associate

Helps with customer bar code scan and exit.

Store Performance Reports

  • Daily summary reports by store transactions via ZūmCart App.
  • Daily orders list per store.
  • Ability to view details of each order at line item level.
  • Daily extract of all order transactions and financial reports to integrate into retailer enterprise reporting systems.

Trend Reports

  • Graphical view of order volume trend by day for easy comparison.
  • Sales summary trend by month with dollar amounts visualization by each day.
  • Simplified UI helps store manager and
  • COO to track performance trends by month, day to identify performance patterns and take actions.

Order Details

  • Easy order look up by order number.
  • Complete order details displayed with the item level purchase break down.
  • Accessible by store customer service agents to perform returns and exchanges.